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It doesn't take much to realize that our world is changing.  And, as our planet evolves, so must we as consumers.  Britannia Plumbing & Mechanical, LLC is helping more and more people go green by installing highly energy efficient systems in their homes and businesses.  Below are a few simple green plumbing tips to help you save money and our planet.

  • Consider a water filtration system and eliminate bottled water

  • Install low-flow shower heads

  • Look for the EPA WaterSense® label when purchasing new fixtures

  • Install copper piping which lasts longer

  • Repair leaky faucets and pipe fittings
  • Consider a tankless water heater and only heat the water you use

  • Invest in new faucets with low-flow aerators

  • Install a sprinkler regulator to control irrigation water flow

  • Consider dual-flush toilets

  • Insulate hot water pipe work

Tankless Water Heaters

Although we can install any brand of tankless water heater you desire, our brand of choice is Noritz® as this company is the #1 manufacturer in tankless technology.  From higher volumes and cleaner water than regular tanks, to savings on your water bill and space, Noritz® and Britannia Plumbing & Mechanical, LLC are the perfect combination to help you start enjoying endless hot water in your home.  Here are the six main reasons why you should take advantage of tankless water heaters! Visit for more information on Noritz® products.

  • Endless hot water
  • Clean water as there are no dirty tanks
  • Lower water heating costs
  • Lasts longer than traditional hot water heater
  • Higher volume with hot water for any size home
  • Saves space with flexible installation options


Why spend money on bottled water when you can drink healthier water from your tap?  Protect yourself and your loved ones from acid rain, disinfection by-products, chemicals, insecticides, fertilizer, heavy metals, fluoride and a vast array of pharmaceuticals.  We believe pristine water is the most important component for improving individual health.  PristineHydro® has created water and water purification systems unlike any other on the market.  By combining the best technologies we offer an unparalleled water quality.  The result is the best tasting, high alkaline living water you can find. Visit for more information.


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